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Herd of Impala
Elephant after bath
Young Wildebeest
Wallowing Rhino
Beautiful Kudu bull
Stately Waterbuck
Rooting Warthog
Helmetted Guineafowl
Rocky hillside - home to Rock Hyrax
Entrance to Apartheid Museum
MuseumAfrica in Mary Fitzgerald Square
Waterfall in Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens
Sterkfontein Caves
Museum at Sterkfontein Caves
Church Square, Pretoria
Superb! - Kai from Switzerland - Pilanesberg tour. Wonderful day - Brian and Irene from London - Pilanesberg tour. Photos courtesy of Brian. Thanks for a great day - so many cool things done & you’re so wonderful a guide - Tom from Seattle, USA - Pilanesberg tour The best safari ever - Anthony from the UK - Pilanesberg tour Our first trip to a game reserve - African wildlife is fantastic. Great tour - Serafin, Ann, Moises, Florida, USA - Pilanesberg tour A fabulous trip - we saw so much! - Michael, Germany - Pilanesberg trip Wonderful knowledge of all topics and pleasurable - Jason, Canada - Johannesburg and Pilanesberg tour
Great tour! - Klaus from Stolberg, Germany - Johannesburg layover from airport. Fantastic. Organised a great layover tour for us, very informative - Pat & Leila from Sydney, Australia - Johannesburg layover. Excellent tour - we really enjoyed it. - Jane & David from Ridgefield CT, USA - Johannesburg layover tour. Wonderful tour! Very informative in both a snapshot of Joburg and especially in giving an understanding of apartheid. Bob from Denver, CO and Hilary from Houstan, Tx, USA - Johannesburg layover tour. Wonderful! - Melissa from Bibre Lake, WA - Johannesburg layover tour. Very informative and provided a great wealth of insight into the history and culture of Johannesburg - Albert, Canada - Johannesburg and Pilanesberg
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