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The early sun bathes a landscape of rocky hills and tilted strata, shaped by violent volcanic activity and aeons of wind and water, in hues of orange and gold. Tree-lined river beds wind through slopes of grass and bush, drenched in subtle colour. Watch great grey ghosts emerge suddenly from the untamed bush, towering above all around them then vanish mysteriously. Solid, tank-like rhino graze. Footfalls in crisp grasses, breathing and steady chewing are the only sounds to disturb the silence. Beautiful song is followed by a flash of colour as one of the many birds dart away. Slender, elegant impala graze then leap away on spindly legs, seeming to fly. A giraffe's long neck, swaying above the trees, towers above zebra grazing nearby, mixed with the odd shapes of wildebeest. Tranquil quiet next to a dam is broken by the abrupt, loud snorting of a hippo as it erupts from the water, then submerges leaving only ripples. A crocodile glides by as the setting sun tints the landscape gold at the end of the day. Pilanesberg is an extinct, ancient volcano, one of only 3 alkaline ring volcanoes in the world. In 1979, one of the largest game relocation programs ever undertaken restored this farmland to its original state - a natural environment rich in wildlife. A day here soothes the soul, and makes us appreciate nature in all its bountiful splendour. Please remember - my speciality is customised tours. I will quote on a customised tour or amend itineraries to suit you.
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Pilanesberg Game Reserve - a one-day Safari. A Day On the Wild Side in a unique, Big-5 Nature Reserve
Rambling Robin Individualised Private and GroupTours Pilanesberg Day Tour  From Johannesburg Centre: 180km. Tour Time: 14 hours Start time: No later than 06h00  Pickup & drop-off:  From your  accommodation   Price includes entries, a picnic lunch,  snacks & soft drinks in the car.   Pilanesberg Overnight Tour  From Johannesburg Centre: 180km. Tour Time: 2 days Start time: No later than 06h00  Pickup & drop-off:  From your  accommodation  This tour is quoted individually, depending on accommodation options chosen/available. Please enquire.