This brash, vibrant city has a facinating history. From a rocky, desolate ridge to a city of over 10,000 inhabitants in 2 short years, today it is the financial powerhouse of Africa. Click the picture for more.  
This elegant city was the capital of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek, and became the administrative capital of the Union and the the Republic of South Africa. Click the picture tfor more. 
Sit quietly gazing as a herd of antelope crop grass, or watch the giant grey ghosts of the bush materialise before you. Hear the snorts of hippo, the trilling of birdsong and experience the true African bush. Click the picture for more.   
Cullinan Mine has produced the largest diamonds ever found. Spend a day visiting this unique mine and the diamond shop, as well as the surrounding area. Click the picture for more.  
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Endangered species are bred at this centre - Cheetah, African wild dog, Brown Hyaena and vultures amongst others. Enjoy an informative tour of this facility, with the option of seeing the cheetahs run after a lure. Click the picture for more.