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The   impressive   Voortrekker   Monument    is   situated   on   a   hilltop   in   a   nature   reserve   on   the   outskirts   of   Pretoria.   The   early   history   of   the Afrikaner   people   leading   up   to   the   exodus   of   the   Voortrekkers   during   the   Great Trek,   which   this   monument   commemorates,   is   discussed. Inside,   this   history   is   depicted   in   a   series   of   beautiful   marble   friezes   around   the   walls. A   wonderful   view   of   Pretoria   can   be   seen   from   the top   of   the   monument.   Fort   Schanskop    and   the   Anglo-Boer   War   Museum    that   it   houses   is   in   walking   distance,   as   is   the   Wall   of Remembrance . We   can   take   a   drive   through   the   reserve,   which   contains   a   variety   of   antelope   species. A   back   route   into   Pretoria   provides   opportunity   to see   some   of   the   suburbs,   discussing   the   history   of   the   city,   the   Jacaranda   trees    and   their   origin,   passing   the   Station    and   it’s   historic buildings   along   the   way   and   stopping   at   City   Hall .   We   walk   around   the   area,   looking   at   the   buildings   and   statues,   and   visiting   the Transvaal Museum  of natural history if interested. We   then   wend   our   way   to   Church   Square ,    passing   K ruger   House   Museum    and   driving   down   Church   Street.    At   the   Square,   we disembark   and   walk   around,   looking   at   the   statue   and   the   historical   buildings.   The   Union   Buildings ,   designed   by   Sir   Herbert   Baker,   is next.      Unfortunately,   the   buildings   themselves   are   now   out   of   bounds,   but   we   can   stroll   in   the   gardens.   We   discuss   Herbert   Baker,   other buildings   of   his,   and   the   history   leading   up   to   the   construction   of   the   buildings.   On   our   way   back,   we   pass   Melrose   House ,   site   of   the signing   of   the   peace   treaty   with   Britain.   If   time   allows,   we   can   go   into   the   museum   which   has   an   extensive   history   of   the Anglo-Boer   war. This museum is closed on Mondays. The   tour   will   take   most   of   a   day,   starting   at   about   09h00.   This   tour   can   be   enjoyed   any   day   of   the   week,   but   is   more   enjoyable   on weekends   due   to   traffic.   I   provide   snacks,   cold   drinks,   tea   and   coffee   in   the   vehicle. There   is   opportunity   to   stop   for   a   while   at   the   venues to   partake   of   the   snacks.   There   are   various   opportunities   along   the   way   to   purchase   refreshments   and   food.   There   is   a   picnic   site   at   the Monument, and there is the option of having a picnic lunch there. Please remember - my speciality is customised tours. I will quote on a customised tour or amend itineraries to suit you.
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Voortrekker Monument and the City The Afrikaner people - their history and the graceful city that personifies them.
Full day Option   From Johannesburg Centre: 40km Tour Time: 6-8 hours Start time: No later than 8h00  Pickup & drop-off:  From your accommodation or O R Tambo airport  Price includes a picnic lunch eaten at the Monument, all entries, snacks & soft drinks in the vehicle. Half-day Option  This can be done in half a day, but museum visits would be curtailed, and certain routes amended.  From Johannesburg Centre: 40km Tour Time: about 5 hours Start time: No later than 9h00  Pickup & drop-off:  From your accommodation or O R Tambo airport  Price excludes lunch, but Includes all entries, snacks and soft drinks in the vehicle.  Layover Option: This tour can be done from O R Tambo as a layover option with an additional travel cost. Rambling Robin Individualised Private and GroupTours